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Energy Saving Scan

Do you want insight into the current state of your home or does your home need improvement? For example, by insulating cavity walls, installing solar panels, or installing a heat pump or energy-efficient heating. The Energy Saving Scan provides an overview of the measures.  A consultant comes to your home and puts together this plan in consultation with you.

What you can expect

How does it work?

A complete personalised housing improvement plan

  • Insight into the current state of your home.

  • Overview of the possibilities to reduce your monthly energy costs.

  • A written report with a brief explanation of the options and measures that can be taken to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

  • Always your own choices, you are not tied to anything!


Book the Energy Saving Scan online

We will contact you by phone within approximately 24 hours to confirm your appointment. We also ask you to answer a number of questions in your online customer environment so that the adviser can already delve into your home.


Digital report

You will receive a short report with information about the measures discussed. With this, you can decide to independently take the implementation in hand or you can let us take over the whole implementation process for you. 


Home visit

Our advisor comes to your home and discusses the energy-saving options for your home with the advantages and disadvantages.


Do you also want a cost indication of the recommended measures? 

Then a Full Energy Saving Consultation fits you better.

Points of attention

          Prices are for homes up to a maximum of 500 m³.

​          Surcharge per 100 m³: € 35,-

Book an Appointment

Book today an appointment with us and make your dream house come true!

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