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Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation

Floor insulation from the crawl space is usually the best way to insulate the floor. You then insulate at the bottom of the ground floor. This saves the most energy, making your home a lot more comfortable. This form of insulation requires sufficient space in the crawl space. This is 35cm under wooden beams and 50cm under concrete floors. Do you not have enough space? Then soil insulation in the crawl space is a good alternative. No crawl space at all? Then you can insulate the floor from the top.

Insulation measures for my home

Is my home suitable?

  • Does your house have a crawl space?  Do you see insulation on the underside of the floor? At the bottom of the crawl space? How thick is the insulation? What is the space between the bottom of the floor beams and the bottom of the crawl space?

  • Does your house have a crawl space that is at least 35 cm high? Then (additional) insulation against the underside of the floor is easy to install. Go for good floor insulation (16 cm, Rc = 3.7).

  • Don't have a crawl space or is it lower than 35 centimeters? You can also insulate the floor. For example, by insulating the bottom of the crawl space or the floor from above.

In the case of apartments, insulating the floor is the responsibility of the VvE. 

What types of floor and bottom insulation are there?

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