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Image by Jonathan Borba

Free online 30 minutes consultation

We invite you to an online meeting to understand your needs and wishes for the refurbishment of your home. During this meeting, you can specify your main needs and budget. With this information, we can suggest you a strategic refurbishment plan for your home.


In this meeting, we can discuss whether you are interested in upgrading your home with an interior design project or if you want to combine interior design with sustainable measures. 

What you can expect


Understanding your main priorities & desires

We will listen and understand what are your main objectives and desires. Whether you are renovating the whole of your home, implementing sustainable measures, or redesigning a bathroom, we can advise on the process, costs, and timeline.


Guidance on the steps to refurbish your home

We can give you an overview of the refurbishment process. This will give you a clear picture on what to expect. 


Understanding your budget and deadlines

Once we have a clear understanding of your deadline and budget, we will present our services proposal in a quotation form.  


Guidance on how we can help you to integrate sustainable measures and interior design

We can give you suggestions on how to improve your home to be more energy efficient.

Book an Appointment

Book today an appointment with us and make your dream house come true!

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