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All Green Improvement Options

Façade Insulation

Façade insulation has many advantages. Your energy bill drops and your living comfort increases. A facade (outer wall) with insulation feels less cold.

Hybrid Heat Pump

A hybrid heat pump is a small heat pump that works together with your gas boiler. The heat pump uses electricity and extracts heat from the outside air. You save about 60 percent on your gas consumption for heating. There is an attractive subsidy for hybrid heat pumps.


Constantly refreshing the air in your home is necessary for your health. It costs energy, but that is certainly not a waste. You can limit the energy consumption of ventilation: by recovering the heat from the ventilation air and automatically controlling the amount of fresh air.

Floor Insulation

Warmer feet, less draft and less moisture in the house and a lower energy bill. With floor insulation you immediately experience these benefits.

Full Heat Pump

A fully electric heat pump with an outdoor unit provides the heating for your home and the hot water in the kitchen and bathroom. This heat pump uses electricity to extract heat from the air. With a fully electric heat pump, your home can get rid of natural gas in an energy-efficient way. There is an attractive subsidy for heat pumps.

Shower Heat Recovery

With a shower heat recovery unit (heat recovery), the heat from the shower water flowing away is used to preheat the cold water. Good for the environment and your energy bill.

Roof Insulation

A roof without insulation is a major heat leak. You lose hundreds of euros every year. This is a good reason to get started right away.


Solar Water Heater

A solar boiler provides hot water in the shower and kitchen. You use it in combination with your central heating boiler or heat pump. There is an attractive subsidy for solar boilers.

Insulating Glass

Insulating glass keeps the heat in the house. This saves you energy and makes your home a lot more comfortable. You will also be less bothered by outside noise.

Solar Panel

With solar panels on your roof you can generate your own sustainable energy and save on your energy bill. A south-facing roof is not necessarily necessary. There is also a good yield on roofs that face east or west.


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