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Hybrid heat pump

Hybrid heat pump

A hybrid heat pump is always possible, in every home. But you get more out of it if you insulate better. At most times, the heat pump provides the heat in the house. The central heating boiler only kicks in when there is a peak demand, such as in winter. So you are never out in the cold. The boiler also provides hot water in the bathroom and kitchen.


You can buy a hybrid heat pump together with a new high-efficiency boiler, or add it to your current high-efficiency boiler. The heat pump consists of a small device near the central heating boiler and an outdoor unit (a kind of air conditioner).

Full heat pump

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is an electrical device that extracts heat from a source to use for heating water. The hot water is used to heat a home and to heat tap water. Outdoor air, soil, ventilation air, or (ground) water can be used as a heat source, for example. Even when it is freezing outside, a heat pump can extract energy from the source. Technically, a heat pump is comparable to a refrigerator or air conditioning system.

A heat pump is an alternative to heating with natural gas. A heat pump can replace all or part of the natural gas in your home (apart from cooking). A heat pump lasts about 15 years. 

Is my home suitable?

  • Do you need a new boiler ? Add a hybrid heat pump right away . Is the heat pump not immediately available? Ask the installer to do the preliminary work for the connection.

  • Is insulation missing somewhere, for example under the floor? Then insulate it right away. You will then receive a subsidy for the heat pump and for the insulation measure. 

  • Is there still a lot of insulation missing? Then take a hybrid heat pump, but also insulate. You get more out of your heat pump if your house has better insulation: in the roof, floor, and outside walls, and at least double glazing in the windows.

  • Check whether there is room near the high-efficiency boiler for an extra device (30 x 30, 60 cm high). Outside you must have room for an outdoor unit (which resembles the outdoor unit of an air conditioner).

+ Cheaper than a full heat pump​

+ Substantial savings on gas (50-80%)​

+ Active cooling in summer​

Subsidy options

- Takes up extra space next to the central heating boiler​

- Outdoor unit makes noise​

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