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Insulating Glass

Insulating Glass

Windows are a weak point in your home where a lot of heat is lost. Insulating glass reduces heat loss through the windows as much as possible. If you have single glazing or standard double glazing in your home, you may notice that it does not insulate properly. The glass feels cold in winter, which can cause condensation and so-called cold downdraught. Cold downdraught is a draft along the window, caused by the difference between the inside temperature and the temperature of the glass.

Nowadays there is better-insulating glass on the market, namely HR++ or triple glass (HR+++) glass. These types of glass insulate considerably better than single glass or standard double glass. By opting for HR++ or triple glazing, you reduce heat loss in your home. As a result, you have more living comfort and you can save about 15 to 25 percent on your heating costs. 

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Is my home suitable?

  • You can install HR++ glass in most existing frames, but not always triple glass. . 

  • Triple glazing is possible in new frames

  • There is special insulating glass for monuments. Then HR++ glass or triple glass is often not possible or not allowed. 

In apartments, installing HR ++ glass or triple glass is the responsibility of the VvE. 

What types of insulating glass are there?

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