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10 Ways to Save On Your Electric Bills Right Now

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Quick tips to save energy at home

You've probably noticed that your gas and electric bills have been more costly than usual.

If you are looking for ways to decrease your gas and electric bills, below you will find easy tips that you can often do yourself to save money. Here are the top 10 ways to start saving today!

1. LED Lighting

Replacing incandescent and halogen lamps with LED saves a lot of energy. This pays for itself within a year. LED bulbs are about 90% more economical. Even if your current incandescent and halogen bulbs still work well, it pays to replace them with LED lights.

2. A+++ Appliances

Replacing an old appliance such as a fridge, washing machine and dryer with an A+++ appliance saves on electricity costs for as long as you use it. When buying new appliances, look at not

only the purchase price but also the electricity costs. Many appliances that are more expensive use less electricity. That way throughout the life of an appliance. are often cheaper. You can recognize an energy-efficient to a dark green arrow on the packaging (energy label A).

3. Take a shower instead of a bath

A hot bath uses 3x as much energy and water as a shower. Taking a bath every week saves easily €55 in gas costs.

4. Give the radiators space

Make sure there is space around the radiators so that these can properly release their heat. In short. Do not place sofas, long curtains, or other objects in front of the radiators. With this save up to €145 per year.

5. Pull out plugs from the socket

Some appliances that are on standby or off still use energy. By unplugging them from the socket or using a so-called stand-by killer, the device uses less power. With this tip, you can save up to as much as €165 a year.

6. Wash your clothes at 30°C

Washing at 30°C instead of 40 or 60, you save a lot of energy. Moreover, the laundry will be just as clean.

7. Wash your clothes during off-peak hours

Washing during off-peak hours saves you on your energy costs. Of course, this has no

impact on your energy consumption. Do you have solar panels? Then wash precisely when the sun shines.

8. After use, open the oven

This allows heat from the oven to flow into the house and the heating system does not have to work as hard.

9. Leave leftover food to cool first

Do you want to save a hot meal for the next day? Then let it cool first before putting it in the fridge. And put frozen products in the fridge before using them. Defrosting releases cold which means the fridge has to work less hard.

10. Kitchen remodel

If you are going to renovate the kitchen, you can immediately opt for induction cooking. This is a small step towards natural gas-free living. You can also opt for a recirculation extractor hood. This type of hood has no exhaust duct and is not connected to the outside air. So no cold air can enter through exhaust ducts.

For other major energy-saving measures, a good plan must be made together with a professional.

If you are curious about more energy-saving measures, look at the Green Improvements page on our website or book an online consultation with us. We can help you to develop the best sustainable plan for your home.


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