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Energy-Efficient Interior Design Ideas

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Energy-Efficient Interior Design Ideas
Energy-Efficient Interior Design Ideas

Designing an energy-efficient home by taking advantage of interior design ideas can be a great approach to reducing costs on your utility bills. If you are considering improving your home's efficiency while enhancing its aesthetics, check out some interior design ideas to improve not only the overall look of your home but also to reduce your environmental footprint.

Choose colors wisely

Believe it or not, the paint color in your home can affect your energy bill. Light colors allow rooms to feel lighter and they reflect more light; darker walls tend to absorb heat and need more artificial lighting. In essence, you don't have to choose one palette for your whole house, but instead, think about where natural light comes in from windows and what rooms in your home are naturally cooler than others. Then, wisely add the right tonality to each ambiance.

Your flooring choice matters

Flooring options like carpets and rugs are excellent heat trappers and are among the cheapest energy-efficient home ideas. That is why they are used extensively in the winter season or in places where winters are harsh. If carpet installation is not in your budget or design scheme, you should at least consider adding a few area rugs to your home.

Area rugs are great additions because they, give you the flexibility to warm your home in the colder months, and in the summer, you can easily store them in a closet. Plus, rugs make your room full of your own personality and style.

Insulate with furniture

You can use your furniture as an additional thermal barrier. High-back and overstuffed chairs and sofas are great for this purpose, and skirted furniture can help reduce drafts at the floor level. The furniture doesn't need to be stuffed or upholstered — anything dense, like a bookcase filled with books, can serve as a significant thermal barrier when placed against an exterior wall. Hanging tapestries or quilts on the wall is another way to decorate and insulate at the same time.

Invest in LED lighting

If you simply upgrade the light bulbs of your home, you already can have a huge impact on energy savings. LED lights are the most energy-efficient product, they save you 75% on energy costs in just one year compared to a traditional incandescent.

Make your Home Smart

Smart homes are designed to make your life easier. They allow you to control your devices when you’re away, schedule them to turn off at certain times to save energy, and get alerts about everything going on at your home for added security.

For example, you can turn on a smart TV with your voice, answer a video doorbell from your smartphone, change the temperature on your smart thermostat when you’re away, or automatically turn off your smart lights whenever you leave the house.

In summary, energy-efficient interior design can positively influence your comfort and energy costs. The best part is that it’s never too late to transform your home into a more energy-efficient version of itself. Also, don’t worry about the budget being an issue. After all, frugality is an integral part of energy-efficient interior design.

If you’d like to know more about how to build an energy-efficient home, get in touch with us today. FR Energy Efficient Home & Interior Design is a renowned name in the field of interior design and energy-efficient homes. If you reside anywhere in the Netherlands, you can avail of our services including construction management, energy-efficient home consultancy, smart home advice and installation, and of course interior design.

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