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Switching Roofs

Roof Insulation

Roof insulation keeps the heat in the house better, because heat naturally rises. Roof insulation is therefore the measure that saves the most energy. By insulating the roof or the attic floor, you save a lot on energy costs. It also provides more comfort at home. Your home stays warmer in the winter, and roof insulation keeps the heat out in the summer.

With roof insulation, you can save 20 to 40 percent on your gas bill. This depends on the type of home, your heating behavior, and the insulation material that is applied. Both flat and pitched roofs can be insulated. Pitched roofs can be insulated from the inside or from the outside. Preferably from the outside, because a nice even layer is applied. For flat roofs, insulating from the outside is also preferred. This is because insulating from the inside can cause moisture problems. Do you use the space under the roof as a bedroom or office? Then it is a lot cooler in the summer when your roof is insulated.

Roof Insulation

Is my home suitable?

  • There is a way to insulate every roof. Do it right the first time and opt for roof insulation with a high insulation value (13 cm or more).

  • Does your home already have roof insulation? In most cases that is moderate insulation. You can improve this with extra insulation material. Your house stays warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. It's a step towards living without natural gas.

  • Take a look at your roof, for example at a drain pipe, to see if there is insulation material present and how thick it is.

In the case of apartments, the insulation of your roof is the responsibility of the VvE.



Is your roof covering in need of replacement?

Then this is a very smart time to have your roof properly insulated from the outside.

Do you have an attic that you don't use?

Do you have a loft ladder to the attic and do you use the attic not as a living space, but as a storage room, for example? Then it is interesting to insulate the attic floor instead of the roof. When you insulate the attic floor, you do not unnecessarily heat an unused attic. As a result, you may save more on heating costs with floor insulation than with roof insulation. In addition, insulating your attic floor is usually cheaper than insulating your roof.

What types of roof insulation are there?

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