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Solar-Powered Home

Solar Water Heater

A solar boiler system is a smart way to heat water sustainably. Solar water heaters convert UV radiation from the sun into hot water. A solar water heater provides hot water. This hot water can be used for various purposes. A solar water heater is often used to make hot tap water,  for the shower, and also for appliances such as a washing machine. A solar water heater can also produce hot water to heat your home. This way you save on your gas bill.

A solar boiler system consists of a solar collector, storage tank, and reheater. The solar collector has tubes of liquid that absorb heat. The collector faces the sun, causing the fluid to heat up. The heated liquid is pumped in a spiral through a storage tank filled with water. The liquid thus transfers heat to the water in the storage vessel.

Solar Panels on Roof

Is my home suitable?

  • You have space on your roof of 2 to 4 square meters for the solar collector.

  • Your central heating boiler has space for a storage tank for hot water with a diameter of 50 cm and a length of 1 meter (lying or standing).

  • You want to keep the distance between the solar water heater and storage tank as small as possible to prevent heat loss

  • The roof construction must be able to hold the weight of the solar collectors

How is a solar water heater used?

Private home

Standard solar water heater system

A standard solar boiler system provides hot tap water in your home. The heating of the house is done by the central heating boiler or another form of heating, such as a heat pump. Supplementing the hot tap water with a solar boiler is often profitable if you have a high hot tap water consumption, for example, because you have a large family. A standard solar boiler system for hot tap water requires sufficient space in the house for the boiler tank.

Solar boiler combi system

With a solar boiler combi system you generate hot water for heating the home and for use as tap water. This way you save on the gas consumption of the tap water and heating of your home. If you also want to heat the house with this system, it will have the best efficiency if you opt for underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is suitable for giving off heat at low temperatures. The solar combi boiler can be connected to a central heating boiler. The boiler can provide additional heating on very cold days. For this, the boiler must have an NZ quality mark (reheating solar boiler).

What types of solar water heaters are there?

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